List of fellows of the Royal Society elected in 2014

This article lists fellows of the Royal Society who were elected in 2014.[1] For the first time, most fellows portraits are available on Wikimedia Commons, published by the Royal Society under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share-alike (CC BY-SA) license.[2]

Fellows of the Royal Society (FRS)

Fields Medal winner Professor Martin Hairer elected FRS in 2014
Professor David Ron FMedSci elected FRS in 2014
Professor Dorothy Bishop elected FRS in 2014
Professor Clifford Tabin elected ForMemRS in 2014
  1. Professor Steven Armes FRS
  2. Professor Paul Attfield FRS
  3. Professor David Beerling FRS
  4. Professor Michael Benton FRS
  5. Lord Sushantha Bhattacharyya KB CBE FREng FRS
  6. Dr Ewan Birney FRS
  7. Professor Dorothy Bishop FRS FBA FMedSci
  8. Professor Tom Bridgeland FRS
  9. Professor David Charlton FRS
  10. Professor Peter Colman FRS
  11. Professor Steven Cowley FRS
  12. Dame Sally Davies DBE FRS
  13. Professor Marian Dawkins CBE FRS
  14. Dr John Dick FRS
  15. Professor Liam Dolan FRS
  16. Professor Timothy Eglinton FRS
  17. Professor Amanda Fisher FRS
  18. Professor Geoffrey Grimmett FRS
  19. Professor Martin Hairer FRS
  20. Professor Richard Edwin Hills FRS
  21. Dr Timothy Holland FRS
  22. Professor Martin Johnson FMedSci FRS
  23. Professor Peter Keightley FRS
  24. Mr Mike Lazaridis OC FRS
  25. Professor Timothy Leighton FREng FRS
  26. Professor Simon Lilly FRS
  27. Dr Michael Lynch OBE FREng FRS
  28. Dr Andrew Mackenzie FRS
  29. Professor Vladimir Markovic FRS
  30. Professor Irwin McLean FMedSci FRS
  31. Professor Paul Midgley FRS
  32. Professor Gareth Morris FRS
  33. Professor James Naismith FMedSci FRS
  34. Professor Jenny Nelson FRS
  35. Professor Colin Nichols FRS
  36. Professor Miles Padgett FRS
  37. Dr Julian Parkhill FMedSci FRS
  38. Dr Karalyn Patterson FMedSci FRS
  39. Professor Sheena Radford FMedSci FRS
  40. Professor Randy Read FRS
  41. Professor David Ron FMedSci FRS
  42. Professor Patrik Rorsman FMedSci FRS
  43. Professor Bill Rutherford FRS
  44. Mr Colin Smith CBE FREng FRS
  45. Dr Alan Soper FRS
  46. Lord Nicholas Stern Kt FBA FRS
  47. Professor Nicholas Talbot FRS
  48. Professor Demetri Terzopoulos FRS
  49. Professor Rajesh Thakker FRS
  50. Professor Anthony Watts FRS

Foreign members

  1. Professor Richard Alley ForMemRS
  2. Professor Richard Axel ForMemRS
  3. Professor Chunli Bai ForMemRS
  4. Professor Steven Chu ForMemRS
  5. Professor Stephen Harrison ForMemRS
  6. Professor Vincent Poor FREng ForMemRS
  7. Professor Philippe Sansonetti ForMemRS
  8. Professor Joan Steitz ForMemRS
  9. Professor Clifford Tabin ForMemRS
  10. Professor Jean-Marie Tarascon ForMemRS


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